Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Concerns about Nuclear Radiation and our Honeybees

Spray the BD preps #500 and #501 around the hives and surrounding area; i.e. first the soil spray,#500, in the afternoon, and the silica spray #501 in the morning next day.

With Chernobyl we experienced a rapid improvement of the radiation after the sprays (not completely gone, but milder). In spiritual language: we are engaging the positive elementals to help us protect from and heal damages.

Gunther Hauk

Friday, March 4, 2011

Responce to: Next Mass Extinction an Eyeblink Away: Scientists

My thoughts after having read the above article by MCT, The Age (Australia).

Believe it or not: it is only here on Earth that we can fulfill our goal in evolution; and the other kingdoms' evolution is tied into our own!  Our materialistic, bottom-line oriented mindset is the underlying cause: get what you can out of the earth, the animals, plants and your fellow human beings whatever you can!
Now it's our beloved honeybees which are under grave attack from the poisons we put into our soils and food supply, but also from the exploitive beekeeping methods developed with no regard to the honeybees' very own needs. "When will we ever learn?"  What do we change while there is still time?
Gunther Hauk